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3D/4D Ultrasound Services

*FOR MOTHERS EXPECTING TWINS, there will be an additional charge of half the original price of the selected package.

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Explanation of 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live

2D - Black-and-White Image (pictures can be given)

3D - Gold Tone Image (pictures can be given)

4D - Gold Tone Moving Image (moving images & still images can be given)

5D (HD Live) - Skin Tone Moving Image (moving images and still images can be given)

Gender Check - $75

Minimum of 18 weeks gestation

This 15 minute 2D/3D ultrasound, performed by our skilled technicians, is used to determine the gender of your baby. Plus, go home with a photo of your baby boy or girl!

Gender Reveal - $110

Minimum 18 weeks gestation

Get everything included in our Gender Check package but with the addition of a Gender Reveal Bear! This blue or pink heartbeat bear contains a recording of your baby's heartbeat, and comes in our Gender Reveal Box ready for you to open at your Baby Shower or your Gender Reveal party!

Surprise your family, as well as yourself, with this timeless keepsake!

First Peek - $100

Minimum of 18 weeks gestation

This 20 minute session is a great way to get a look at your baby for the very first time. Using 3D and 4D technology, this ultrasound allows you to see your baby's facial features as well as their movements in real-time while they're in the womb.

Go home with a black-and-white print-out of your baby as well as a flashdrive with all the 3D images taken during the session.

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Deluxe Package - $120

Our most POPULAR package!

Minimum of 18 weeks gestation

This 20 minute 3D/4D ultrasound session is our most popular package yet. Much like our First Peek package, this package allows you to get a much more in-depth look at your baby, but with the amazing addition of HD Live technology.

Unlike the gold tint in 3D/4D ultrasounds, 5D (HD Live) allows you to see a more realistic skin tone and texture of your baby. Many mothers are excited and awed by the accuracy in which HD Live allows them to see their baby on screen.

With this package, we'll throw in a flashdrive with the 3D images of your baby, a color print-out of your baby, and a frame for the photo.

Premium Package - $195

Our 2nd BIGGEST package!

Minimum of 18 weeks gestation

The Baby Gender Plus Premium Package is everything you need to enjoy and document this exciting time in your pregnancy!

Enjoy a 30 minute 3D/4D/5D (HD Live) session allowing you to make the most of your time seeing your baby inside the womb.

This package comes with:

  • a flashdrive of all images taken during your session
  • 1 sheet of wallet sized pictures (9 images)
  • 4 color 3D images w/frame
  • a Heartbeat Bear
  • Gender Check (if desired)
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Watch-Me-Grow Package - $260

Our BIGGEST Package! 3 packages in 1 !

Your pregnancy is a very special time in your life! With our Watch-Me-Grow Package, you can document every moment of your growing baby's life before they're born by booking three packages in one!

Session 1 (16-21 weeks)

Our First Peek Package complete with a black-and-white 3D print-out and flashdrive of images.

Session 2 (22-29 weeks)

A Deluxe Package, complete with a flashdrive of all images, and a color print-out/w frame. Plus, we'll throw in a Heartbeat bear!

Session 3 (30-35 weeks)

A 30 minute 3D/4D/5D (HD Live) session complete with a flashdrive of all images, and a color print-out and frame of your nearly fully developed baby!

All three sessions must be booked and paid for upon first visit.