DNA Blood Draw Mail Waiver and Release of Liability

I acknowledge that potential delays of test results are possible. The lab and Baby Gender Plus are not liable for any FedEx or USPS postal delays.

I accept the postal system as a consistent, yet imperfect system that is not under the control of the lab or Baby Gender Plus. FedEx and USPS can have disruptions in mail service due to weather and other matters out of their control.

  • NO shipping on Sundays or postal holidays. If this applies, an additional day will be added to the time your results is delivered.

FastTrack Result Delays - results are considered delayed if you have not received your results email by 7 PM central time on the expected day. The following applies:

  • You will be issued a $20 refund for the delay.

  • Please contact Baby Gender Plus to notify us of the delay.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand all the information above, and will not hold Baby Gender Plus or the testing lab responsible for any potential mail delays that could occur with my blood sample.